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 True Blue: Best of Sonic the Hedgehog

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PostSubject: True Blue: Best of Sonic the Hedgehog   Sat Aug 22, 2009 5:08 pm

An actual sonic album of his best music up to Sonic '06. CQW0OYCU

Track List:-Live & Learn by Crush 40
-It Doesn't Matter by Tony Harnell
-Escape from the City by Ted Poley; Tony Harnell
-His World by Ali Tabatabaee; Matty Lewis
-Super Sonic Racing by T.J. Davis; Richard Jacques
-Sonic (You can do Anything) by Keiko Utoku; Masafumi Ogata
-Sonic Boom by Pastiche; Spencer Nilsen
-Sonic Speed Riders by Runblebee
-Race to Win by Ted Poley
-Sonic X Theme by 4Kids Entertainment
-Right There, Ride On by Hideki Naganuma
-Sonic Heroes by Crush 40
-What I'm Made of by Crush 40
-Seven Rings In Hand by Steve Conte
-His World by Zebrahead
-It Doesn't Matter by Tony Harnell
-Open Your Heart by Crush 40
-A New Venture (Surfin' S.R.A. Remix) by Tahirih Walker; Tomoya Ohtani
-Angel Island Zone (SSBB Remix) by Jun Senoue
-Seven Rings In Hand by Crush 40
-Open Your Heart by (Crush 40 vs. Bently Jones Remix)Crush 40 ; Bently Jones


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True Blue: Best of Sonic the Hedgehog
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